Hotel Congress

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Here's everything I know.

Today, June 21st

7:00 PM La Luz, Summer Twins

Friday, June 22nd

7:00 PM Greyhounds, Ivan Denis

Friday, June 22nd

8:00 PM Wooden Tooth Records Presents Seanloui Live, Jaca Zulu and Taco Sauce

Tuesday, June 26th

7:30 PM Fantastic Negrito

Wednesday, June 27th

8:00 PM Puzzlehead, Her Mana, Dial Up and Cool Funeral

Friday, June 29th

8:00 PM La Cerca Album Release, the Rifle and Stranger Touch

Saturday, June 30th

7:00 PM Creating the Scene, Harlette

Tuesday, July 3rd

8:00 PM Delicate Boys, the Gem Show and Pu Stinky


Wednesday, June 20th: Red Elvises.

Tuesday, June 19th: Un, Badr Vogu, Brass Tax, the Bloodline Cadence.

Monday, June 18th: Wreckless Eric.

Sunday, June 17th: Gldn Party Ft: Deca and Dj Marvl W, Jae Tilt, Rey, Simplistic, $mells, Ripdee.

Friday, June 15th: Black Medicine, Kiss the Sun & Miss Olivia.

That's all I know!