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Here's everything I know.

Saturday, April 28th

10:00 PM The Jons

Sunday, April 29th

7:00 PM Katie Haverly & The Aviary

Saturday, May 5th

10:00 PM Greyhound Soul
With some very special guests.

Sunday, May 6th

7:00 PM The Rifle and the Echo Bombs

Saturday, May 12th

10:00 PM Al Foul

Sunday, May 13th

7:00 PM Greyhound Soul

Saturday, May 19th

10:00 PM Fatigo with Leigh Ann Lesho

Sunday, May 20th

7:00 PM Al Foul

Saturday, May 26th

10:00 PM Resonars

Sunday, May 27th

7:00 PM Loveland

Saturday, June 2nd

10:00 PM Texas Trash

Sunday, June 3rd

7:00 PM Miss Olivia and the Interlopers

Sunday, June 17th

7:00 PM Freddy Parish

Saturday, June 23rd

10:00 PM Birds and Arrows

Sunday, June 24th

7:00 PM Eulogy Project

Saturday, June 30th

10:00 PM Al Foul and His Band

Sunday, July 1st

7:00 PM Gabe Rozzell

Saturday, July 7th

10:00 PM Greyhound Soul

Sunday, July 8th

7:00 PM Leila Lopez

Saturday, July 14th

10:00 PM Street Blues Family

Sunday, July 15th

7:00 PM Jacob Acosta

Saturday, July 21st

10:00 PM Tight Fright with the Manx

Sunday, July 22nd

7:00 PM Al Foul


Sunday, March 18th: Golden Boots.

Sunday, February 18th: Jimmy Carr and the Awkward Moments.

Sunday, February 11th: Loveland.

Friday, February 2nd: Laura and the Killed Men.

Sunday, January 28th: Two Door Hatchback, Sundust Road, and Freddy Parish.

That's all I know!