Hotel Congress

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Here's everything I know.

Wednesday, May 23rd

8:00 PM SW Songwriters Showcase
Fammob Proph, Natalie Pohanic Band, Dan Stein, Blue MaƱana.

Thursday, May 24th

7:00 PM Cults, Reptaliens

Saturday, May 26th

7:00 PM Jacob Acosta Band (CD release), Jillian and The Giants, Leila Lopez

Sunday, May 27th

10:30 AM Hot Club of Tucson

Sunday, May 27th

8:00 PM Slim Jeff, Jansport J, Talk2Strangers, June West

Tuesday, May 29th

8:00 PM Richard Buckner

Thursday, May 31st

7:00 PM Peach Kelli Pop, Nanami Ozone

Friday, June 1st

7:00 PM Las Cafeteras & Making Movies, Alex Cuba


Sunday, May 20th: Hot Club of Tucson.

Sunday, May 20th: Jared and the Mill.

Friday, May 18th: Katie Haverly, Mesquite.

Thursday, May 17th: Trashcan Sinatras.

Wednesday, May 16th: Lucky Devils.

That's all I know!