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Here's everything I know.

Friday, May 4th

8:00 PM Star Wars Piano & Trivia Night
Watch your favorite scenes from the original trilogy on a big screen with the scores played live on piano. There will be three rounds of trivia based on the movies with prizes for the winners!

Sunday, May 6th

2:00 PM Entresol, Algae & Tentacles

Wednesday, May 9th

8:00 PM Yardsss ∅∀‡, The Lasso

Thursday, May 10th

8:00 PM Giant Sand

Tuesday, May 15th

8:00 PM Skate Pit Surf-A-Thon!

Wednesday, May 16th

8:00 PM Whispering Wires, TWGS, DJ Isaac R

Thursday, May 17th

9:00 PM Exbats, the Rifle, Lotion

Friday, May 18th

6:00 PM Lady Sol

Friday, May 18th

9:00 PM Golden Boots, Nanami Ozone, DJ Ponytail Cruiser

Saturday, May 19th

8:00 PM Liquid Summer, Arcsin(100), Thraxx City & Lil Peptoman

Sunday, May 20th

7:00 PM Pearl Charles & Gabe Rozzell

Thursday, May 24th

8:00 PM Primitive Man, Infernal Coil, Hist (First Show), Blackened

Friday, May 25th

7:00 PM Mute Swan, Shallow

Saturday, May 26th

6:00 PM Jake Sorgen "American/English" Album Release Show

Friday, June 1st

8:00 PM Vox Urbana

Saturday, June 2nd

8:00 PM Bob Log III

Monday, June 4th

8:00 PM LIÉ & Egrets On Ergot

Saturday, June 9th

8:00 PM Supercrush, Big Bite, Hikikomori, Dial Up

Tuesday, June 12th

8:00 PM The Heartlights, Texas Trash & the Trainwrecks, The Gem Show

Thursday, June 14th

5:30 PM DO(OM) YOGA, featuring CHRCH

Thursday, June 14th

8:00 PM CHRCH, Body Void, Hist, Bird Violence

Monday, June 18th

7:30 PM Anemone, Dirt Friends, Amy Mendoza & the Strange Vacation

Wednesday, June 20th

8:00 PM The Elegant Rabies, Desert Beats, Liquid Summer

Thursday, June 21st

10:00 PM Sonora Beat Collective Launch

Friday, June 22nd

8:00 PM TWGS, the Exbats, The Rebel Set

Saturday, June 23rd

7:00 PM Slow Motion Cowboys, the Love-Birds

Monday, June 25th

6:00 PM Dawn & Dupree

Wednesday, June 27th

8:00 PM The Myrrors (Experimental Double Set) with Spacey Golden

Thursday, June 28th

6:00 PM Little Wings

Thursday, June 28th

8:00 PM Azfarat, Nullus, Butoh Sonics, Ijustsawyoudie

Friday, June 29th

9:00 PM Weekend Lovers EP Release, Hannah Yeun, Strange Lot, DJ M. Rendon

Saturday, June 30th

9:00 PM Street Blues Family

Sunday, July 1st

8:00 PM Carbon Canyon, Slaughterhouse, Shutups

Monday, July 2nd

8:00 PM The Lamps, Jess Matsen, Sun Riah

Thursday, July 5th

8:00 PM The Pine Hill Haints, Invisible Teardrops, Lana Rebel Trio

Friday, July 6th

8:00 PM Koi Division, Weird Night, Lenguas Largas, Soda Boys

Saturday, July 7th

8:00 PM Sm Wolf, Forest Fallows, Her Mana

Tuesday, July 10th

8:00 PM La Cerca, Juju Fontaine, Tropical Beach

Thursday, July 12th

8:00 PM Precious Child, Jurro, Jaime J Soto

Sunday, July 15th

8:00 PM Sur Block, James Band, Cool Funeral

Thursday, July 19th

8:00 PM Silver Cloud Express, the Others, Still Life Telescope

Friday, July 20th

8:00 PM Mr. Free & the Satellite Freakout!, Tight Fright, The Manx

Sunday, July 22nd

8:00 PM Lovelesslust (L.A.), Deschtuco, Miller's Planet


I have no previous shows listed for Cans Deli.

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